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Apple Basket Quilting Virtual Quilt Show

When we had our quilt shop, many of our customers would visit the longarm studio just to see the beautiful quilts we were working on. Now we are sharing the beauty online. And the quilts you send us are truly gorgeous. I just wish my "photography skills" could do them justice. If you would like me to put a brief caption on your quilt's photo, just include it on the back of the order form.

longarm quilting on star quilt
colorful kids quilt computerized longarm quilting
baby quilt with animals, longarm quiltin
coral reef quilt longarm quilter Apple Basket Quilting
National Parks quilt fabric
Kaffe quilt and longarm quilting
King size pineapple quilt pieced and quilted by Apple Basket Quilting

I was asked to make this king size quilt from four cotton shower curtains from a Tommy Bahama collection.  The fabric is stunning; so much texture and dimension in the design. The Cream Scroll backing I have in stock is perfect. 

Machine binding is now one of my favorite parts of quilting. Which shouldn't surprise me since I enjoyed topstitching when I made garments.

Machine quilt binding at Apple Basket Qu

Beautiful Swirling Splendor wideback fabric. Carolyn saved 5% by ordering the wideback for her quilt from Apple Basket Quilting.

Swirling Splendor wide back quilt fabric
Kaffe quilt longarm quilting

I've always loved dotted fabrics.

See the little butterflies in the "Simple Butterfly Meander" quilting design.

simple butterfly meander longarm quiltin
quilt top pieced with dotted fabrics and
Edge to Edge longarm quilting with INNOV
Longarm a king size quilt at Apple Baske
Twin quilt made by Sharen at Apple Baske
Quilt made by Sharen at Apple Basket Qui

Dan's cousin hired us to make these two quilts. It was so much fun and really special for us. I thoroughly enjoy the entire quilting process.

Care Bear quilt longarm quilting by Appl
Sampler quilt longarm quilting by Apple

"Baby Bear" quilting design - so cute!

Above is the largest quilt we have done since we moved and reopened as Apple Basket Quilting. It is absolutely gorgeous.

colorful quilt longarmed by Apple Basket
Pieced quilt top with Bamboo Swirls long
Apple Basket Quilting longarm quilting s
Baby quilt longarm quilt with alphabet.j
fish themed quilt top with edge to edge
Three small quilts we quilted on our Inn
Baby quilt longarm quilting.jpg
Baby elephant quilt.jpg
Jelly Roll race quilt with Daisy on a St

Wonderful Alphabet quilt with "ABCs" quilting design

It's me, with my first machine applique quilt. My first grandbaby is due in May and her mother chose elephants.

Three smaller quilts. Too bad they're not mine. They look great in our studio.

circle meandering longarm quilting.jpg
Heart applique quilt longarm quilting by
Hearts and loops longarm quilting design
houses and clamshell longarm quilting de
Kaleidoscope quilt with meandering longa
Kids marine animal quilt with bora bora
Longarm quilt with loop the loop design.
Longarm quilting a queen size quilt.jpg
Longarm quilting a tee shirt quilt.jpg
longarm quilting at Apple Basket Quiltin
Longarm quilting by Apple Basket Quiltin
Longarm quilting honey hexagons.jpg
Honey Hexagons longarm quilting design.j
Frog panel quilt with bubble longarm qui
longarm quilting by Apple Basket Quiltin
colorful floral sampler quilt with bora
circle meandering longarm quilting at Ap
Geometric quilt with swirls longarm quil

Mark chose Circle Meander for the quilting and it looks great in the negative space

Heart applique quilt with "Elegant Hearts" quilting design

Adorable frog panel quilt for Jamie's new grandson. She chose "Baubles" for quilting because it looks like bubbles. 

Three basic longarm designs are great on these three very different quilts.

"Meandering" above

"Simple" to the left

"Circle Meander" below

Beautiful. Again straight lines and swirls work well together. "Deb's Swirls" is another of our most popular designs.

I really enjoy quilting tee shirt quilts. Especially when there is a block I connect with. (Guess which one.)

"Honey Hexagons" above and "Clamshell e2e" left.

Love Elephants longarm quilting design a

Love Elephants quilting design

Christmas elves quilt longarm quilting b
Black and white quilt with longarm quilt
quilt of diamonds formed by small square
Quilt with pieced tall house and longarm
Longarm quilting by mail, Apple Basket Q
loops longarm quilting on Christmas quil
quilt with sewing themed fabric and long
Quilted Easter egg table runner, longarm
sailboat quilt with anchors longarm quil
Trout panel quilt longarm quilting.jpg

Anchors Aweigh design on sailboats.

Longarm quilting on Handkerchief quilt.j
queen size quilt with longarm quilting b
simple quilt with Lyrical longarm quilti
Star quilt with Becker's Star longarm qu
Simple loop longarm quilting on lattice
Red and white quilt with longarm quiltin
T-shirt quilt longarmed by Apple Basket
Waverly quilting design for longarm quil
Sampler quilt and longarm quilting.jpg

Becker's Shooting Star longarm design was chosen for this star quilt.

I do love black and white quilts, especially with geometrics.

Another tee shirt quilt. They are always so special.

We do all sizes: from the fun Easter table runner to this large quilt with Simple Clamshell longarm design.

Daisy on a String is one of our most popular longarm designs and looks great on this floral quilt.

"Playful" is a great name for the longarm design below and it does play wonderfully with the classic lines and colors of the quilt.

"Loop the Loop" is beautiful with this quilt

"Hearts and Loops" above 

"Loop the Loop" below

Beautifully framed panel. I did well to finally put a simple border on Dan's deer panel.

Dan bought this deer panel a long time ago. I finally added the border and he quilted it with his favorite longarm design "Skewed Squares"

Deer panel quilt with skewed squares lon
All leaf simple longarm quilting availab
Becker's Shooting Star.jpg
National Parks panel quilt fabric
Paisley Loops longarm quilting design on
Diagonal Plaid Bias Cut geometric longar
Circle Drama.jpg
Cute table runner pieced with cups, long
Longarm quilting of Deb's Swirls is beau
Deb's Swirls on quilt of pieced chevron

"Diagonal Plaid Bias Cut" looks great with the squares and rectangles of these two quilts.

Diagonal Plaid Bias Cut.jpg
Apple Basket Quilting did the longarm qu
Apple Basket Quilting, mail-in longarm s
large quilt with Bora Bora longarm quilt
very colorful scrappy quilt with edge to
Scrappy quilt, Apple Basket Quilting mai

A pair of Kaffe quilts

And a pair of scrappy quilts.

"Paisley Loops" longarm design

National Parks quilt fabric

Mail quilt tops to Apple Basket Quilting
Waverly longarm quilting design
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