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Longarm Threads

Quality thread is essential for quality quilting.

We use InnovaTech and Superior Omni. Both are clean, high quality 40 wt poly threads which give a stitch and appearance that our customers love.

You may choose a color on our ORDER FORM and specify light, medium or dark. OR select Quilter's Choice and specify if you want us to blend to background or choose a color that is in the quilt.

longarm quilting threads at Apple Basket
Color ideas and considerations

Taupe thread provides just the right contrast to showcase the beautiful quilting design chosen for this Dresden Plate while the piecing remains the focus.

For this quilt with two colors and high contrast and lots  of negative space, the thread choices are obvious: green or white, either of which works well. The green selected gives a nice balance of focus for both quilting and piecing.

Soft blue thread for minimal visibility
Maize and blue quilt
Taupe thread makes design visible with h
Green thread on white negative space hig
Pineapple Quilt

The background fabric is half blue and half white. Blue thread would be too strong against the white.

Either white thread or a soft yellow work very well. White gives only the impression of the design and soft yellow would have given a slight contrast.

Design note: Contempo is stunning on this modern quilt


Piecing like this definitely calls for a thread color that melts ito the background. The quilting is subtle but beautiful

Lots of choices available here depending on the desired look: white, pale blue, soft yellow or pale green all work. This is actually a light blue that almost appears white.

Purple backing

Purple thread is excellent. The geometric Pickup Sticks designs is stunning on the back and is gorgeous on the purple and blue quilt top. 

Big Quilt

Turquoise thread without a doubt. While so many different colors would be pretty on the front, turquoise really pops on the flamingo backing

Sand Dollar
red quilt.jpg

One of our favorite InnovaTech thread colors is Scotch, and it creates lovely golden swirls on this elegant quilt

Gray, white, blue, mustard and coral are beautifully pieced and provide a variety of thread color choices. The quilter wanted the  Sand Dollar quilting design to stand out on the white border. Coral thread shows up nicely and ties the outer border to the pop of coral in the piecing.

Texted images can be helpful

Photos I have texted to customers to help them decide.

Longarm quilting thread 3
Longarm quilting thread 4
longarm quilting thread 2
Quilting thread color suggestion
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