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We care for your quilts as if they were our own

Thank you for honoring us with the privilege of helping you finish your quilts. We are committed to providing excellent service and products. Mail your quilts to us or call 517-815-1493 to make an appointment to bring us your quilt.

discount on longarm quilting services by Apple Basket Quilting service

    Earn 5 POINTS and enjoy 10% off your next longarming service.

   Earn a POINT for each quilt we longarm for you.

       (Quilts costing $150 or more earn 2 POINTS!)

   We keep track! Nothing for you to do except send us quilts and earn       your discount.

14 foot Innova is used by Apple Basket Quilting to longarm even the largest quilt tops
One of two Innova longarm quilting machines used by Apple Basket Quilting
Apple Basket Quilting uses two Innova computerized longarms to provide quality longarm quilting service

Our Longarms

Apple Basket Quilting studio is home to two INNOVA longarms to provide you with excellent stitch quality.

Both longarms are equipped with INNOVA's AutoPilot Mach 3 robotics.

We offer computerized edge-to-edge longarm quilting.

Our larger longarm has a 32" throat and a 14' frame. We can quilt the biggest quilts. 

The largest quilt we have ever quilted was 145" x 145"

145 inch  quilt is the largest I have quilted on my 14 foot longarm

Quilting Prices

Quilting Prices

Quilting designs range from simple to complex which affects the amount of time and thread needed to complete the quilt. Therefore we have four price ranges for designs: 1.5¢, 2.0¢, 2.5¢, 3.0¢ per square inch.

To estimate the cost of service, multiply length x width x design price. 


   55" X 72" X 1.5¢ = $59.40

   55" X 72" X 2.0¢ = $79.20

   55" X 72" X 2.5¢ = $99.00

   55" X 72" X 3.0¢ = $118.80

It is not necessary for you to measure your quilt unless you are supplying the batting and backing.

The backing must be 8" longer and wider than the quilt top, batting must be 6" longer and wider than the quilt top.

We always measure your quilt when we check it in by opening it up completely and laying it on the front rail of the quilt frame. This is the most accurate way and helps us to be sure we have correct batting and backing dimensions before we begin quilting.

Batting Prices


We use Hobbs Heirloom Batting and Quilter's Dream Batting. Purchase your batting from us and save on shipping your quilt to us. Our prices are by the linear inch. Indicate your batting choice on the Order Form.


      26¢ per linear inch: 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend Natural

      28¢ per linear inch: 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend White

      30¢ per linear inch: 100% Cotton Natural

      32¢ per linear inch: 100% Cotton White   


      35¢ per linear inch: 100% Cotton Natural

      38¢ per linear inch: 100% Cotton White   

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