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We turn your T-shirts into a very unique
T-shirt quilt
winterblast T-shirt Quilt.jpg

Finished size: 52" X 52"                      Made from 18 T-shirts

  • Collage style - unique and beautiful

  • Any size logo is perfectly placed in the design of the quilt

  • No sashing or iron-on interfacing - results in a softer quilt

  • Professionally quilted on an INNOVA longarm

  • Top quality stitching

  • Top quality thread

  • Optimal quilting density for long lasting quilt

  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting

  • Top quality 100% cotton fabric for backing and binding

  • Not just T-shirts - also baby clothes, sports jerseys, clothing, etc.

Binding on T-shirt Quilt.jpg

Send us your T-shirts and we do ALL of the work:

  • Washing the shirts

  • Cutting the shirts

  • Planning the placement of the logos

  • Stitching the quilt together

  • Longarm quilting

  • Trimming the quilt

  • Binding the quilt

We provide backing fabric and batting and include it in the price of the quilt.

You receive a quilt that is ready to enjoy!​

Our studio is located in Tecumseh, MI. Mail your shirts or call for an appointment if you would like to drop them off. Phone number: 517-815-1493

T-Shirt Quilt Mail in Order Form and shipping address

The collection shirts for each quilt is kept in its own plastic tub throughout the quilt making process

T-shirts to make quilt.jpeg

The price includes all labor, batting, thread, backing and binding fabric.

The formula to determine price is: (width + length) x $3.25 

   example: Finished quilt is 40" X 60"

     40 + 60 = 100 x $3.25 = $325

Shipping for return of the quilt is $15 regardless of size.

$50 deposit is required when the shirts are given to us.

Each T-shirt quilt is unique and the sizes listed below are approximations.

No of shirts and price chart.JPG

Please call or email with any questions. 

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