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Hey Sharen!! 
I just received my soccer quilt and it looks TERRIFIC!!  Thank you so much for another super job!!  My granddaughter is going to love it!! Gratefully,  Sally, Feb 2023

Hey Sharen!! 
I just received my soccer quilt and it looks TERRIFIC!!  Thank you so much for another super job!!  My granddaughter is going to love it!! Gratefully,  Sally, Feb 2023

Hey Sharen!! 
I just received my soccer quilt and it looks TERRIFIC!!  Thank you so much for another super job!!  My granddaughter is going to love it!! Gratefully,  Sally, Feb 2023

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The quilt was delivered yesterday. The quilting is beautiful and I love it. I started whipping the binding last night and it is going on like butter. Thank you again. For a project that was totally out of my league, it is better than I had hoped. Therese

Received my quilt and so did Barbara and they are beautiful, you always do such nice work, thank you so much, Ruthanne Nov 2023

I just received my quilt. I love it!! So pretty!!!! the yellow thread was a great choice! Thank you so much,

Becky, November 2023

Sharen, My pumpkins and cream quilt arrived this afternoon. I am so pleased with the beautiful quilting you do! Thank you so very much! I laid it on the bed so it could be admired! Sharon Nov 2023

Hi Sharen, I received the quilts today! Thank you for a beautiful job!! Love your care and work! Jean November 20

Just got my box of four quilts from you. What a SUPER job you did. I love the Xmas pattern you picked. And the green thread you picked on my one batik just makes it over the edge great. People ask me why I don’t go local. I say because you’re GREAT and I know you’ll do an outstanding job. I’m so happy right now.
Thanks so much for all you do. Susan November 2023

Hey Sharen, I just received my quilt via UPS. It is beautiful and the quilting pattern looks perfect!! Thank you for another beautiful job!! You are the best!!! Sally November 2023

Thanks Sharen, received the box yesterday. Appreciate your wonderful work. Started binding the tshirt quilt. Teresa Oct 2023

Hi Sharen, my quilts arrived yesterday and I opened them this morning. They look great, thanks so much. Linda, August 2023

Hi Sharen,
Just got home and found my pkg at the front door.  I love, love, love what you did for my quilt.  The pattern goes so well with the sunflower backing and all the sharp angles.  Also a perfect choice of thread color.  I always love your work but think this is so far my favorite.  Thank you so much. Marty, August 2023

Sharen the quilt arrived this morning and it is perfect. Just what I wanted. Thank you for giving the metallic thread a try. It really is perfect. Thank you for going above and beyond. Karen, August 2023

Hi Sharon, I wanted to let you know that I really love the quilting you did on my two quilts. Thank you so much! Linda July 2023

Hi Sharen, UPS dropped off the quilts today. Thank you!! You did your usual great job on them and I do appreciate it. Looking forward to getting the bindings on. Beth July 2023

my quilt arrived last evening. Thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful. I know that my sister Maggie will love it with warmest regards, Barbara. July 2023

Hey Sharen,
Just received my gingham quilt via UPS. It looks wonderful!!  Thank you for doing such a GREAT job quilting it!! 
Sally June 2023

I received my Bronco quilt today and it’s beautiful! As always, you did a great job and my son will love it  thank you so much, Ruthanne, June 2023

Hi Sharon, I received my quilt today and it’s beautiful! You did an amazing job! I hope you’re having great weather now. Thanks again and looking forward to sending more quilts your way. Linda, March 2023

Hey Sharon! Just got my quilts! They’re awesome!!! Ty so much! Tara, March 2023


UPS delivered my quilt last evening….and I love it. You did such a great quilting job and the binding is so professionally done.

I love the Elegant Hearts pattern. Thank you!!!  Kathy March 2023

The quilts arrived - and they look terrific! I'm particularly pleased the way "Calm Water" worked on one piece, the density is perfect, Coralyn, Feb 2023

Got the quilts today…..nice work…great choices on thread colors!! THANKS!! Marcie, Feb 2023

Hey Sharen!! 
I just received my soccer quilt and it looks TERRIFIC!!  Thank you so much for another super job!!  My granddaughter is going to love it!! Gratefully,  Sally, Feb 2023

Good Afternoon, Sharen,

I have attached the quilts you longarmed quilted for me and they are just beautiful. Just wanted to shout out a great big thanks to you and your staff. They are gifts for my family. Looking at them just fill me with appreciation of the textile arts and how they came to life with your quilting. Marie, Feb 2023

Just received my quilts back. I love every one of them.  Thank you for your awesome quilting

Becky Jan 2023

Hi Sharen, The package with the quilts arrived today. Thank you! You did a beautiful job with all of them. I truly appreciate it. Now to get to doing binding… Beth, Jan 2023

Good Afternoon, Sharen,
What can I say, but thank you for the beautiful long-arm quilting that you did to my quilts. Thank you, thank you, did I say thank you. It is so appreciated. Marie, November 2022

Sharen, Thank you for going over the top again! My quilt arrived, beyond expectations with its stunning quilting, your choice of backing and thread, what a professional you are! Carol, November 2022

Hi Sharen-
The box containing the most recent quilt arrived tonight. Your work amazes me each time something comes back!  My mother had her eye on this one as I was working on it, I am almost certain that she’ll want to keep it for herself.  I know that my niece will love it. Thanks so much! Ann Marie, November 

Sharen, You did an amazing job on my quilts! I’m so happy with both of them. If I can get the binding sewn, I hope to submit the Maya one to Quiltcon! I’ll keep you posted! And thank you for keeping the farmer’s wife’s apron free!!  Maureen, Oct 2022

Hey Sharen! 
I just received my quilt!!  It looks SUPER!!! Love the Deb’s Swirl quilt pattern!!! Another fantastic quilting job by ABQ!!!
Thank you!! Sally, October 2022

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received my quilts and love them.  You did a great job! Laurie Sept 2022

Hi Sharen, You did such a nice job on both quilting pieces! Thank you for your attention to detail. Kindly, Gaye Sept 2022

Thank you very much for the quilting! I received them Thursday. They look great. Thank you. Janet August 2022

Hi Sharen,
Just wanted to let you know that my quilt arrived and it looks great!! Thank you for another great quilting job!! 
Sally, August 2022

Hello Sharen
I received my box of quilts on Saturday.  They are beautiful and will be given away to 3 very special people. Thank you for providing such quality work and exceptional customer service. Cindy August 2022

I received my quilt today and you did such a perfect job, thank you so much! I’m going to have another to send you in the next month, thanks again, it’s so beautiful  Ruthanne August 2022

hi Sharen, so pleased with my 3 quilts recently received.As usual you found the right backing fabric and color. The quilting is beautiful. Judy, June 2022

Hi Sharen,
My quilts arrived this morning and I am thrilled.  Once again you have done a beautiful job. Thank you so much. Marty, May 2022


I received my quilts back yesterday and I just had to let you know they turned out so AMAZING! I love the designs and thread chosen for both of them!!! I couldn't be happier with them, thank you so much! Bonnie, May 2022

Sharen, I received the quilts yesterday from you and they are so beautiful.  Your machine quilting and finish work is fabulous.  I won’t be giving these quilts away until the end of July and I can guarantee you these quilts will be used and loved by the recipients. Cindy May 2022

Hi Sharen,
Just wanted to let you know that my quilts just arrived.  Your quilting is perfect on each of them.  Thank you so much.
Marty April 2022

Sharen, My box of quilts just arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it. Oh my gosh. I love every one of them. I think the quilt patterns and thread color choices are excellent, but I have to say my favorite is the multi-colored one with “your” teal backing. Love the bora bora pattern, too. Thanks for your help in selecting it. Guess I need to get busy again and get that Bernina humming! Happy stitching, and thanks again.  Denise Feb 2022


I am over the moon delighted with your quilting services!  You have been so easy to work with and your turn around time is exceptional!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product!  Perfect every time!!  Nicole, Feb 2022

Hi Sharen, My quilts were delivered today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. Marty Feb 2022

Hi Sharen. I received my quilts today and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your work. Thank you for such a nice job and fast return. Eileen Feb 2022

Hello Sharen, I received my quilts - you did a great job with all of them! Phyllis Feb 2022

Just got my box. They are WONDERFUL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Thank you so much!! Lynn Feb 2022

Sharen, the three quilt you quilted for me arrived today and I’m very pleased. Thank you for making the quilts come alive!  I really liked the light blue thread you used on the Minnesota winter quilt. I would never have thought of that color and it is perfect. Thank you for everything! Karen Feb 2022

Hi Sharen, Wanted to let you know that the quilts were delivered this evening. Thank you! I love the choices you made, with the design as well as the thread. They are beautiful. Thanks, Beth Feb 2022

Hi Sharen, My quilts arrived today and they look great. Thanks so much, Linda Feb 2022

Hi Sharen, Awesome job on my quilts! Nicole Jan 2022

Sharen, I can’t tell you how happy I am with my new bedspread. The quilting on it is amazing. It is so beautiful, it’s totally reversible and it’s just gorgeous as you can see your exact measurements show as it lines of gold lead up to the headboard. it’s perfect the drop on both sides to tuck into the wood panel are absolutely exact. Thank you so much for this beautiful job. Gail Jan 2022

Wow!! It looks terrific!! Thank you soooo much!! Sally  Jan 2022

Hi Sharen. I just received my quilts back and I’m so pleased they are so nice. You did a great job and I cannot wait to finish them. I really appreciate that you finished them so quickly and the backing you picked for the Mario quilt is perfect! Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Eileen Dec 2021

Hi Sharen, Thank you for the quick turn around!!! This gives me time to bind them before Christmas. Lynda Dec, 2021

Hi Sharen, 

I received my quilt and I love it. You do such a great job and I’m am sending you another one this week. Laura Nov 2021 

Sharen, received my quilt today.  Love the choices of thread and quilt design.  Also like the backing.  Thank you. Rachel Nov 2021

Hi Sharen, I received the quilt on Saturday it was just beautiful! Thank you again for the amazing quilting! Maricely, Oct 2021

Hi Sharen, I love the quilt!!! It's awesome!! Your work is superb. Thank you!! Paula, Oct 2021

I just received my 3 quilts. I am in love! Thank you so very much! I am pleased as punch!!! Jane, Oct 2021

I received the Christmas quilt today.  It is beautiful.  Thank you for getting the project done so quickly.  It will be an awesome donation for a good cause. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Cindy, Oct 2021

Sharen, Wow! That was quick!! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround!! Laura, Oct 2021

Hi Sharen, Quilt arrived last night, thank you it's exactly what I wanted . . . your service was excellent. I will be sending you more of my quilts!! Maricely, Sept 2021

Hi Sharen, The box of quilts just arrived. Like Christmas, I couldn’t wait to open it. As usual, your work is beautiful. I wasn’t enamored of that yellow, black & silver one (and wondered who I was going to give it to) but now that it’s quilted it looks so much better. Might be a keeper! Many thanks for such a great job. Denise, Sept 2021

Hi Sharen-
The quilts arrived today and we absolutely love them!  Thank you for exceeding all expectations once again!  We’re working on the next bundle to send your way and I will reach out to you when they are ready. Thanks again, Ann Marie Sept 2021

HI Sharen, the quilts arrived this afternoon and they look great! . Thank you so much, the kids are going to love them . Linda Sept 2021

Sharen, I was so excited to get my quilt back from you last week. I LOVE it!!! You did an awesome job. (I knew you would.) I love everything....the color of the thread you chose, the quilting, and especially the “perfect” binding. Now I’m encouraged to make another quilt. I’ll be sure to send it along to you for your final touches. Thank you!!!!! Kathy

Hi Sharen,  

Just to let you know my quilt just arrived in good shape, and I love how it turned out!!  Thanks again and regards to Dan, Joan, July 2021

Hey Sharen, I received my quilt this afternoon and it is wonderful. Thank you so much. Now I’m trying to find someone here to quilt the shams. Lol I should have sent them to you at the same time. Oh well . Again thank you so much for your ministry, Nancy - A very happy lady, June 2021

Hi Sharen, The quilts arrived today. They look great. Thanks again. Kathy, June 2021

Got the quilt delivered today and I am really pleased.  You did a beautiful job and extremely quick.  Thanks!

Jennie, June 2021

Hi Sharon, received quilt on Friday and it is beautiful.  I will start binding on the back today.  Thank you so much.  Great work.  Barb, May 2021
Hi Sharen, Received the quilts. Great job! Thanks again - Char, May 2021
Sharen, just a note to let you know I received my quilt today.  I’m very pleased with backing and quilting. 
Thank you! Rachel
May, 2021
Hi Sharen,
The quilt is stunning! 
Thank you is a work of art...a new heirloom for the family!

Paula, April, 2021

Hi Sharen. The quilt is here and it looks fantastic!  You did an awesome job and the fabric for the backing looks perfect!  Once I get the binding on it I'll be posting photos on my Facebook page for sure!!!!

Thanks again. Carol  April, 2021

Love the quilting. Thanks so much for doing mine so quickly. I gave it to my sister and she loves it.  Linda, March 2021

Quilts arrived today and the quilting is absolutely beautiful!!  Thank you for doing them so quickly!  I will be sending another one soon. Susan, March 2021

Just wanted you to know my quilt arrived yesterday. I have already trimmed it and working on the binding today!!! The quilting design was just absolutely perfect. The rounder edges on the very geometric quilt pattern. It softened it up so nicely. Loved the color of the thread. Loved everything about it. Can't wait to finish another quilt to send to you.

Thank you. Molly, March 2021

My quilt arrived yesterday and you did a beautiful job. Love your choice of thread and pattern. A pleasure to do business with you. Marty D. March 2021

Received my 2 quilts today. So fast !!!! I love the quilting and thread chosen along with backing. Great job!!! working on small projects for now. Will send next quilt when completed. GOD BLESS. Judy A February 2021

The quilts arrived this afternoon — they look fabulous!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work. Joann S. February 2021

My name is Patti Green and I live in Tampa, FL where Florida Quilting Center was once located. I've had many quilts done by Sharon and Dan and they always did a beautiful job. I had a total of 83 quilts done by them. Great Work! Also, they became friends and will never be forgotten. I hated to see them leave, but you all need someone too. I recommend them to anyone.

(Florida Quilting Center is now Apple Basket Quilting.) February 2021

Hi Sharen,

I wanted to let you know I received my quilt today.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I truly love it!! Thank you for all of your hard work.  Dorothy G. February 2021

I have had several quilts quilted by Apple Basket and have been very pleased with all of them.  They are so easy to work with and the quilting is wonderful.  Please contact them for a great quilting experience. Sherrod W. Jan 2021

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